Tuesday, 7 June 2011

More AWI terrain... (again)

Well, I've certainly got the AWI bug for the time being, which is nice. Today we have some tree bases and fences.

It always seems one of those underlying debates on how trees should be based and represented on the gaming table, of course fielding a realistic forest would be impractical (spectacular, but impractical) and using small, shiny Christmas tree decorations just doesn't look the part. I like to have reasonable looking, large trees on the table but basing has been a question I've had for them.

In the end I have plumped for a multi tree base solution which you can see from the photos. The trunks are tubes with bark sculpted on and the trees themselves just have the thick wire sticking out of the bottom of the foliage.

Small individual bases can be made in the same way to allow for stand alone trees, the other advantage being is that the trees can be used for pretty much any theatre in which the fit, all I need to do is make some new bases for the terrain type.

The other advantage of doing it this way is that trees can be removed for the purposes of moving figures through the wood. It also makes it easier to pack everything away at the end of the day - trees in one box (almost flatpacked) and bases in another (again, almost flatpacked).

The type of tree can also be altered to suit, I have plenty of pines for the northern campaign (or indeed anywhere in need of pines on the table).

I do need to put some more grass on the bases themselves and some more undergrowth to enable them to fit them in with everything else I've made so far.

I've also made a few cross rail fences (need a hell of a lot more though ). Quite happy with the way these turned out but they are a bit fragile (already broken two). I might make corner sections but that might be going a bit too far...

Beauty shots in the next post :-)


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