Saturday, 4 June 2011

More on the house, plus a little extra...

Well, I did quite well today (the time being 1:20 in the morning helps) and the construction of the new AWI house is done. As you can see, the doors, fences and window details are all on, all I need to do now is undercoat in grey and the sort the groundwork out and it'll be ready for painting :-)

Although, I've just realised that the chimney is missing :-/ Well, it'll give me something to do tomorrow morning before breakfast.

I've also posted photos of a house that was done a while back (again no wips) and is based on the Leinster house from the ACW but for me it'll do for AWI.

Some of the roof tiles/shingles have been lifted up a bit to give a bit more texture to the roof itself, I might do a few more but we'll see after a coat of paint because it's something that can be done afterwards as well as during the construction.

I personally like the scenic base and I think I'll be doing it to all the AWI buildings and bits that I'm going to do. it certainly adds more character and makes them less 'static', if that makes sense.

There are more photos on my Photobucket page and when I figure out how to link to it I shall do in one of the side bars.

The roof of the Lienster house is removable but the roof on the new build is stuck. No particular rhyme or reason, they just turned out this way.

The other buildings that I want to do include a barn, another larger house, a mansion (you know the sort I mean) and some sort of official town building with stonework as the main feature. I'm also going to make a blockhouse as I sold the one I already made I sold  at Salute.

For the final shot I've set up a rough beauty shot (rough being a nice way to put it), when the new build is painted I'll take them out into the garden with a terrain board or two and take some decent photos :-)

Well, that's all for now, go to go to bed :-/


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