Sunday, 28 August 2011

And now for something completely similar to what's been done before...

Today's first post is AWI terrain, both n 10mm and 28mm.

First off I was asked to make a small 10mm scale blockhouse in exchange for some goodies by a very nice chap in the LAF.

Well, as I always seem to do, I made it to big :-/ I don't think he'll mind though :-).

It's rather similar in layout to my 28mm blockhouse (picture below) but without the small ancillary building. Simple earth bank and stone base to the blockhouse itself.

The next thing was the stakes in the ground, almost one of the most tedious things I've ever done (but not quite). shaving the top of each one certainly works but when the bloody things are only 1.5mm in diameter it does get a bit much.

Here you can also see the first floor of the blockhouse. this was made from 3/4mm square balsa strip. It's been 'distressed' a bit but not too much as the grain was quite predominant already.

I thought a bit of access would be nice on the inside (even if it's only 10mm) so I made the roof so it could be lift-off-able. There are small feet on the bottom to stop any damage when it's placed on the table top.

You can see here the gate also. I left off the doors because at this scale they would be prone to damage (here's hoping that the gateway itself lasts...).

The next thing I did was to sand over the whole base but I don't have a piccy of that (I think you know what I mean ;-).

And below are a few shots of the finished thing with a shot of the 28mm version for comparison.

The next bit of AWI terrain today is a simple artillery redoubt that could probably be used for a number of conflicts (ECW, AWI, ACW etc).

Simple MDF base, slightly chamfered on the edge. The gabions are my own but the mould is going now so I'll have to make some more masters at some point. They have been raised a bit to look 'right', two have been chopped down also.

Simple foam shapes for the banking covered with cheap wall filler and some balsa scraps for the gun deck.

The whole thing was sanded and given a wash with thinned brown ink. once dry the whole base was drybrushed with various shades of beige and tan.

I decided to put two different types of flock (I normally use static grass) on this to make it look more like real ground as opposed to a gaming table, seems to have worked, bit messy though, I'll be hoovering later :-/ The same ground work was done on the blockhouse above.

On there is my only (for the moment) AWI cannon, British of course but I've got five more of these and about three American ones. I've also got limbers for them as well and one is nearly done :-)

Another shot below and hopefully you can see the flock appearance.


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