Monday, 14 January 2013

Old figure, new painting

Just a quickie tonight, got to be up early tomorrow.

There was a lucky dip competition on LAF a short while ago (on the internal boards) where everyone who took part took a figure from a mystery bag and had to paint it. The figures themselves were donated by the people taking part and it certainly was a mixed bag (pardon the pun).

I got quite a good figure as far as I was concerned. It's an old GW Necromunda tech of some sort with separate arms (you know, the ones from the old Imperial Guard plastic kit, the first iteration [cracking figures and I've got loads to paint]). I added a newer version of the bolter and made a very Necromuda styled base for him, the idea being that hopefully the base would wow enough to excuse the possibility of a naff paint job :-) I'm pleased to say though that I'm quite happy with the whole thing; base and figure.

Anyway, enough blabbering. On to the photos...



  1. As you said a cracking figure, very nicely painted James.

  2. Nice work matey, especially on the base :-)

  3. Thank you kindly gents :-)

    It almost wants me to start playing Necromunda again!