Sunday, 21 June 2015

LPL entries

As some of you know, my favourite forum (The Lead Adventure Forum) has a painting competition called the Lead Painters League. Basically it's a ten week competition where participants have to (ideally) enter a new 'team' of at least five figures each week with three weeks being special bonus rounds. Points are awarded for the bonus rounds and for new entries.

Quite the challenge...

Most entrants seem to use it as a good excuse to get a whole new batch of figures painted for what ever projects they have on the go and I was no exception and now the competition is officially over I can post my entries.

I failed to get new teams in for two of the rounds but all the new entries I managed are below. My painting quality seems to have improved during the contest, let's just hope it stays that way...

Round 1 - Shimazu ashigaru for generic samurai gaming

Round 2 - Shimazu ashigaru for generic samurai gaming

Round 3 - Shimazu Ashigaru for generic samurai gaming. I'd learnt after this round it's best to change subject as often as possible...

Round 4 - Korean archers for generic samurai gaming

Rounds 5 + 6 were photos I already had as I didn't have time to paint new entries but they are here for completion.

Round 7 - Boshin artillery for the British invasion of Japan.

Round 8 - Rourke's Drift characters for the British invasion of Japan (hence the different hair colours).

Round 9 - British camel corp on Mars.

Round 10 - Girls and Panzers for the Akira project.

 The competition is a great impetus to get stuff done, it's just a shame I'm away on holiday so I can't carry on lol



  1. Impressive entries, keep it up! I've gotten 12 figures done since the LPL ended, I couldn't seem to take a break cold turkey ;)

  2. Thanks Matt :-)

    Congratulations on third place, each entry was a pleasure to see.

    I'll be carrying on when I get back from my hols (hopefully lol)



  3. interesting take on girls and panzer!

  4. Well, there's girls, and a panzer ;-)

    I might add a couple of sashimono at a later date.