Thursday, 6 April 2017

OSHIRO new releases

I've got quite a few new releases that are now ready and the first lot are below. There are also going to be some new sections in the catalogue and when they are ready to go I'll post them here.

Firstly are the new 28mm samurai releases.

We've got 5 new items in the Additions range and pictures of these are below. Prices and descriptions are on the website.

Next we've got a new fune (ship) ready. Smaller than the last one and more manageable on the table top.

Then we've got some new religious bits in the form of two torii. A simple rural one (shinmei) and a more elaborate version (hachiman). I'm also working on some other religious items but more on them later.

I've also got an emerging Edo period range on the go. Only two buildings for now but this will hopefully change in the coming months along with some more buildings and smaller additions from the period. There's a shop and a two story house.

Finally there is a Chinese headman's house for the Chinese rural range.

This are all ready to go and are available at Salute 2017 There are also a few other items that I'll post on over the weekend.



  1. great additions - am wondering if the Chinese headman house can be 'teleported' for use in medieval europe? May just work?

    1. Thanks Simon :-)

      Maybe in Eastern Europe with different window frames. Pop by at Salute if you've got time and have closer look.

  2. Replies
    1. Not at this moment in time I'm afraid as these 28mm ones have been on the workbench for some time now and I needed to get them out of the way. The intention is, over the summer, to add to the 15mm catalogue and make it the same as the 28mm one. Work has begun on some of the masters so I reckon in a month or three there'll be lots of new 15mm goodies :-)