Sunday, 20 May 2018

New OSHIRO releases

Some of you might have seen these before but I'm putting them here for completeness.

I've got several new releases on the website and available. 15mm village buildings, 28mm Chinese building and 28mm Chinese walls. Have a look and drop us an email via the website, although there's a couple of days wait at the moment due to the amount of orders being processed (which isn't a bad thing).

Got more planned of course but these should hopefully keep you going for now :-)

First off are the 15mm Japanese village buildings. They are following the 28mm village range and will be added to in the next couple of months JV15-01 to 05. 15mm Japanese village buildings

Next up are the new Chinese 28mm buildings (I'm working on 15mm versions at the moment) CR04, CR05 and CR06. 28mm Chinese buildings

And then finally we have the Chinese wall sections. Most of them will eventually have ruined versions and I'm also working on the 15mm versions at the moment. 28mm Chinese walls


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