Sunday, 10 June 2018

Fortified Manor House - Part Two

So, this build is progressing well. The main hall is complete and now I’ll move onto the compound. I’m going to change the curtain walls and have them higher and limewashed (similar to the Norman hall) to help tie them in; I also wasn’t too happy with how they looked.

The windows of the Norman hall have been drawn and 3D printed. The drawing program was Rhino (which I have used for many years with work) and the printer is an Anycubic Photon. The first picture shows the windows used in the model and although they’ve been painted and washed etc they have needed no cleaning up whatsoever. I was certainly pleased with this outcome and can foresee more printed parts being used in my builds.

The figure is a Perry plastic WotR for scale.



  1. Lovely looking modelling. Nice

  2. Great stuff--I'm very jealous of you 3D printing types... very handy indeed. Anyway, very inspiring build so far.

    1. Cheer fella 😊

      3D printing certainly has its woes. Failed prints and the clean up being the main two.



  3. Stupendous! Those windows certainly look nice, but the building is very good even setting that aside.