Monday, 5 February 2018

Down in the jungle...

This has been quite a big commission and I have ever so slightly regretted doing it. Not because of the work but because there were so many of them and they have been pretty much the same. 30 bases in total lol

The mdf bases, Amourcast plants, GW plants and some flock were supplied but the bases needed a chamfer on the edges.

Most of the plants were sprayed varying colours and given a wash of inks, again of varying colours and then drybrushed up. Certain details were hand painted using a normal layering technique and other bits were touched up here and there.

The ground was car body filler, smoothed on in place then roughed up for a texture. All of the Amourcast items were stuck on first given the nature of the bases that they have. The ground was painted in a normal way and then given a liberal amount of growies, some supplied and some of my own.

Not much else to say really so onto the piccys. The first couple are of some select ones and the latter pictures are of the whole lot together (please excuse the carpet). There's also a video of them close up (if it works).



  1. Wow, these are ace. I love the variety and richness of the colours. Magnificent work.

    1. Thank you 😊

      Looking back at them I kind of wish I’d done some for myself but I don’t really have anything to use them with apart from the Rogue Trader stuff I’ve got.



  2. Feeric and very nicely done, what a great atmosphere!

  3. Brilliant work, that is a very alien-looking jungle. Really evocative.

  4. Lovely, in an unpleasant kind of way if you know what I mean!
    Best Iain