Some more figures for Japan

I'm carrying on with my British Invasion of Japan project which stalled somewhat last year.

First off are the Japanese that I've got done so far.

And here we have some more Brits.

I've done a bit more themed terrain for this project but that will be in a separate post soon (hopefullly).



Some Game of Thrones

In the form of some terrain...

I recently bought the Renedra castle tower to see what it was like and to have a bit of fun with it if possible. Unfortunately the kit itself isn't the best. It doesn't quite fit together properly on the corners, some of the details are a little soft (not a massive problem), the battlement sections have no locking mechanism and the interior detail is a little lacking and seems to missing in some places.

To be honest, these aren't big problems for what I have intended for the tower as you will see below but I fell that the product was rushed for a Salute release. Understandable but slightly disappointing.

Anyway, the idea was to have it as a holdfast for my Karstark forces for when we eventually get to play a Game of Thrones.

As you'll see from the pictures below (no wips I'm afraid) I've done some conversion work on the tower by having a platform for the door which is up on the first floor. There will be some wooden stairs from the platform down to the base.

I'm also going to be adding some wooden hoarding on to the top instead of the supplied battlements. I think this will give a more of a northern Westeros look. I'll hopefully get this done in the next week or so.

The base was done with blue foam that has been carved with a long bladed knife and various geens and flocks were added to break it up a bit.



Spanish building bases

Name drop time :-)

David Imrie (Saxon Dog) has asked me to make him some Spanish building bases for his Carlist war project and below are pictures of the first one complete.

Quite a simple build but with plenty of detail. The main body was made from mounting card with Wills pantiles for the roofs. The exposed stone work was also Wills sheeting and the woodwork was normal balsa wood. Groundwork was a goop mix with various flocks and tufts applied aferwards.

Enough of words, here are the pictures :-)



A long time ago... Episode 3 3/4

A Most Daring Plan

Rumours of the Empires expansion continue but none more so frightening than the new Super Star Destroyer, an eight kilometre long killing machine...

Fortunately for the galaxy, some Jedi were over looked when the Empire were hunting them down. One such Jedi; going by the name Bona Gon Flatte, trying to do his bit for the galaxy, has stumbled across a set of plans for the super stardestroyers waste disposal system fortuitously left in a garbage canister...

He has contacted the emerging Rebel Alliance and needs to get the plans to their headquarters as quickly as possible but he has to get the plans off planet with his trusty droid and companion 2mE-2U.

With the help of a small unit of rebel soldiers he has to try and get to a small landing pad before the Imperial stormtroopers can stop him and retrieve the plans....

General set up of the terrain. The rebels are starting top right and the Imperials are in two groups on the bottom left.

The stormtroopers try to gain the high ground whilst the rebels sneak around the buildings at ground level.

A rebel pilot tries to sneak around the back but is seen by the troopers on the roof...

The main rebel force goes round the long way in a bid to get as much cover as possible but a firefight starts and there are casualties...

In order to buy some time, Bona Gon Flatte vaults on the roof and tries to take out the Imperials.

He succeeds in killing one trooper and force pushing the remaining trooper and officer off the building leaving the way clear for the main rebel force.

After a brief shoot out with the other stormtroopers unit the rebels manage to get to the landing pad and onto the shuttle, but not without a final showdown.

With the plans in the shuttle the rebels blast their way into space but will they be pursued...



Down in Dorset - part the sixth - more pictures to add

Some Georgian town houses.

As promised, here is the first (sixth really) in the next few posts of what went into the table for this years Salute. The whole lot is a commission and it somehow keeps getting added to as we go along lol

The town houses were quite simple after doing a bit of research and most of them keep to the same style. The difficult bit was trying to get accurate colours for the render so I think some of them might be slightly off.

They were ll made from lasered acrylic with various elements such as sills, lintels and porticoes added after with strip styrene. One of them was done with brick sheeting and one as clapboard just to break up the monotony somewhat.

There are still quite a few to do but the next ones will have shop fronts and a few more details as they will be in the centre of the town.