Plancenoit part two (picture heavy)

This is the second base for the Plancenoit for the same client and it joins onto the first base (see photos).

Just a quick note, I've seen a couple of comments on a certain fora that the church isn't correct. This is true but the brief wasn't for an exact copy as the client will be using the bases for other games so something generic but suitable was required.

It's based on 6mm mdf and the buildings were completed first then 'planted' into the ground work. The signpost is correct (as far as I can tell, I'm sure if it isn't then someone will point it out).


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Fistful of Photons

Just a couple of shots from a little Star Wars fighter game we had the other week.

We used a modified version of the ever popular Fistful of Lead rules and it worked really well. I won't say much more for now as it might be an official supplement.

The fighters are all Bandai Vehicle Model kits and the asteroids are scratchbuilt from foam and plaster.

You'll have to excuse the unfinished TIE fighters, I didn't have enough time to paint the wings before the game :-/



A pirate skiff!

This was done a while ago for a friend but I've finally gotten round to taking some decent photos of it.

It's a kit bash of a Red Planet Miniatures Sky Martian skiff along with some scratch built elements for the 'Earther' parts. The guns are from HLBSC (who will be putting them upon his new website soon after they disappeared for a bit).

Although there is an English flag on the mast, it's really owned by an independent trading company under the guise of British traders ad hiding behind the might of the British army on Mars :-)



Greek farm.

Back with the commission work for this post and this time it's an enhanced mdf kit along with a small scratch built shack and scatter terrain.

The kit needed the tiles adding and some texture on the walls and new stone work around the base and steps in and also a scenic base base following one that was sent by the client.

In all honesty, I wasn't impressed by the kit. It went together ok but the design seems rushed. I don't even think it was good enough as a carcass as the walls are only 2mm thick and for a decent model it would be better if they were 5mm or so.

Anyway, onto the pictures :-)