BLAM 2018 Sunday VSF game

There has been a sort of tradition that Sunday is VSF day and this year was no exception. As most people leave on the Sunday throughout the day (various trains and planes to catch etc) it was a sort of ‘pick me up’ game with people coming and going as the day went on.

Not too much of a report as the game is part of a long running campaign which can be read on the Red Planet Miniatures blog (although I have several games to put on there to catch up before I post this one).

The basic plot was that a British Officer by the name of Allan Farquarson had been having his wicked way with the Imperial Japanese Princess and tensions between the Japanese and British empires had becomes strained to the point of war.

The Japanese has captured Allan and were holding him in an allied City Martian outpost waiting for a large relief column to come and extract him to earth. The British and their allies; the Germans and Americans, were out to take him back...

Suffice to say, they succeeded.



BLAM 2018 Cartel game

So, onto the second day and second game of the weekend. Film style drugs cartels.

Again, four players for this one; two cartel gangs, one D.E.A group and a small squad of marine corp. 

The head Luchadore (a cartel boss) needed to be stopped boarding his plane after sealing a deal that would make his gang the most powerful in Colombia. One of the cartel gans was there to kill him, another was there to save him, the marines were there to ‘delete the asset’ and the D.E.A needed him alive. 

The rules were a modified version of Fistful of Lead which is our ‘go to’ rules set and will be available on my website at the start of November. 

Four games were played and it ended up with one technical win for the marines, one outright win for the marines, and a win each for the two cartel gangs. The D.E.A had the use of a couple of four by fours but no one seemed to want to use them that much and just got out and started shooting. 

Again, no battle report as such but pictures in sequence.