German church

Another German commission and this one follows on from a previous job. The building has no base as the client will be doing that himself. I've got another four normal houses to finish off (this week) then it'll be on to some AWI builds for him.

The spire was drawn in Rhino and 3d printed on an Anycubic Photon. The z axis needs a bit of tweaking as there are some strata lines in the print and I'll sort that out later this week. It was given a quick sand to remove the lines, primed and painted with copper paint and given a slight patina.



More German builds with a slight twist

Only in the fact that they’re not painted this time as the client will be doing that himself.

Slightly different construction for the intact house as everything could be stuck on whereas normally the roof goes on after the walls are painted so I can stick the windows in without risking paint getting on them. 

Quite pleased with the ruin. It’s been simplified a bit, otherwise I’d be there for ages getting the details right. I think (hope) it’s a good balance between accuracy and detail. 



Napoleonic building base

My German/Austrian building commissions are quite popular and here's another one (from a set of three) that's complete.

One foot square to represent a village, the others will be the same size but different layouts.

Not much else to say really, 28mm Austrian for scale.



New releases!

Got some new releases in the webshop; mountain village buildings. Made by the very talented ‘Duhamel’. Only four for now but there might be more in the future.

OSHIROmodels mountain village range