The Great Titivation begins

I've finally gotten round to finishing off my Japanese re-basing project that was started a long time ago. It's basically changing bases from square to round. There is also a lot of touching up to do as most of the figures weren't varnished (shock horror lol) and some of the colours are a bit dark.

The top pictures are what have been done in the past week or so. These were the easiest to do, mainly flocking and varnishing. The bottom photos are what needs to be done; there's a good couple of hundred figures there.

I'm both looking forward to getting them finished and dreading the task lol.

The clan is Miyoshi and is an historical clan but they got pretty much wiped out during the Sengoku period (a fact I found out after starting them).

I'll be doing one clan at a time and will take a photo of the entire clan assembled after each has been done.


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30 minutes a day - Part three

So week three is down and it'll be another two until it's done I reckon. Still around 30 minutes a day although it fluctuates.

The shoji took ages but the basic groundwork didn't lol

I'll be working on the smaller 'entrance' base this coming week


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30 minutes a day - Part two

Just a quick post today.

I've painted the panels for the buildings and given the roofs a base coat. There's six layers for each panel but I'm thinking I could've gotten away with three or four lol

Door details and roof inking tomorrow.


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30 minutes a day - Part one

There's a Feudal Japanese group I'm a member of on Facebook and the runner/moderator came up with an idea to do just 30 minutes a day of a particular gaming project or group of figures and show progress. The first time it happened was last year and I managed to get some samurai painted up but this year I'm doing some terrain for myself in the form of a simple Japanese shrine.

I won't be posting here every day, just once a week and seeing as we're on the seventh day, here's the first post.

The layout is below and all the buildings are from the Japanese catalogue here mainly from the religious and additions sections. The base is the size it is because I have a particular box for it to go in. This was day one.

Day two was realising that it wasn't quite right and needed a little base to the front to include a torii, hand wash station etc. I also made a set of stepps up the mound.

Day three was painting some lose scatter terrain that will be dotted around the model.

Totally forgot day four so made up for it on day five by prepping the buildings for painting and filling in the steps to the mound.

Day six was getting the wood mostly painted but it will probably need some touching upat a later date.

Day seven is today and I painted the stone base for the odou and detailed some of the wood work with inks.


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