28mm Martians soon to be released

I'm turning into a lead baron :-D

Myself and a friend of mine have wanted to do these for a while now and at last they are starting to see the light of day. The basic premise is that Mars has started to be colonised (circa 1890-1900) and certain factions of the indigenous inhabitants aren't to happy with it (and who can blame them). The setting is basically for all the world powers to either have a bash at each other or at the Martians. The first set of figures will be Sky Martians, these are the tribal, earthman hating, canyon dwellers who fly fast wind powered skiffs on lightning raids of human (and city Martian) settlements and trade routes etc.

As you can see from the shot to the left, they are substantially taller than humans and are quite simple in their dress, finery and 'bling' would get in the way of speedy attacks. We have a lot of fluff that will go on a dedicated website along with a shop where the figures will be available from and the figures themselves will be appearing in one of Oshiro's demo games at Salute (table GA07).

They are also going to the casters tomorrow morning :-) I'm getting all excited!

The main type of transport, a skiff, is also being worked on at the moment and here are a couple of 'preview' shots. The 'eye' at the front is a harpoon launcher which the skiffs use to attach themselves to their target and allow the on board martians to quickly board the enemy vessel, do the business, and then make a quick getaway.

The sail configuration needs some work to get the positions and proportions right but it's almost ready to start making the proper ones which will then be cast up and available for sale on the same website that the figures are on.

The trooper martians are multipart and multipose as we felt this would give the right feel for the fast, haphazard nature of the Martians themselves. If the pose look a little odd, all will make sense when you see the final products painted and assembled.

The colour scheme we are going for is very dark skin with a very pale, almost pearleseant  armour which should give a nice, different contrast to the Martian landscape. There will be info as to why these colours in the fluff. I shall leave you with a few more shots.



Victorian terrace house

Finally got the basics done on these now and what you see to the left is everything you will need to make one house (the roofing tile sheet isn't shown as I forgot :-/ ).

It comes ready primed and I'm working on an instruction sheet. It's not hard to put together but I thought some people would appreciate a how to sheet.

The windows and doors are separate for ease of painting and the chimney is pre-made and can be left off if you prefer.

The floors, once together, can stack and multiple floors can be added to the building to make it three, four or more stories high.

I've also made a test for a shop front which can be seen to the left. Of course, the windows and door are removable and there is sufficient detail for it not to require anything else to be done to it.

I'm also working on a different roof with the gable to the front and a small window in the wall and a few different shop types.

These (and some of the options, along with the Victorian warehouse in an earlier post and possibly something else) will be available on the website in next month. As mentioned before all the floors are separate and each one has an integral floor to it so figures can be placed inside.

In the pipeline for these are such things as a front and rear yard/garden attachment and also an outhouse that can either be butted up to the building or put at the rear of the back yard/garden. Rear walls will be thought out as well.

I haven't got any painted versions of this yet but I did manage to spray a couple red and put them together to get a feel for what an entire street would look like and I must admit, I quite like it :-)

These are available now and are going for £30 including postage to the UK (international will be a bit more) so if you are interested drop me a line using the e-mail on the left hand side bar or I can be PM'd through the Lead Adventure Forum.

I'll leave you with one or two more shots