Aphid Class aeroneff (picture heavy)

I've always had a soft spot for VSF and a recent commission enabled me to have a play.

The commission was for a 28mm scale Aphid Class aeroneff and it's quite possibly the most popular neff in 28mm so there were plenty of reference photos to go on.

In 28mm this thing is quite large, about 500mm long!

All the parts were drawn in cad first, apart from the boiler which was made in the 'traditional' method, cut out and dry assembled. The lower hull needed a bit of reworking so back to the drawing board (laptop) to sort it.

Once all the parts were sorted then it was on to assembly and painting. I have been using spray cans more and more recently, especially for the bigger jobs as it gives a much better finish than brush painting alone. I do have an airbrush, but not the set up for it at the moment. With the cans I can just pop out into the back garden and spray away :-)

Colours were to represent British naval colours from around the time of the late 19th century but made to suit (aerofoils not being standard naval equipment back then lol).

Well, on to the pictures. There's a couple of wip's first and then onto the finished ones.

Here are the finished photos and I'm quite pleased with the way it came out. I've had another couple of these to do as commissions for different people and would like to eventually make one for myself and something a little bit bigger.

The stanchions are from a model ship supplier and the guns are from The Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company (rather splendid to deal with). Everything else was made by hand (laser, table saw etc).

And now onto the pictures of the finished neff :-)



Imperial Shuttle

Only complete pictures of this one I'm afraid (this is starting to become a bad habit) but basically it was a Star Wars Rebels toy picked up in Lidl and converted.

Below is a picture taken from the net of what the original toy looked like. I took the folding wings off, glued the cockpit in place, removed the soft vinyl elements and preceded to make the scratch built parts.

The main alteration was to add three new wings in a similar vein to an Imperial Lambda class shuttle from RotJ. The two lower wings actually move and they can be in either position. The top central wing is static.

The wings were made from sheet styrene for the core and plates with some tiny gubbins added here and there for effect. Some extra styrene panels and gubbins were added over the ship to help fill in the blank areas and to try and give it a sense of 28mm scale.

Te lgazed cockpit was masked out and it was given a primer coat of grey and then a coat of a light Tamiya acrylic spray. It was then covered all over with a diluted GW black ink and once this was dry a light drybrushing of a very pale grey brought the colour back up again.

Some small patches of rust were sponged on and then some weathering powders were added to complete the effect.

It's a big bugger but will hopefully take it's place on the table without intruding too much.



Star wars figures

Just a quick post today of the figures that I've completed for my Star Wars project so far.

They are all WotC apart from Boss Futtnic (he in the purple robe/jacket), the Jedi, Bona Gon Flatte and the little black droid, which is a scratch build. I'll e making some more droids in the future as you can really never have too many :-)