A bit more Akira

Prompted by a recent comment on the Akira post below it reminded me that I've actually done a bit more on this.

There's another flat design (that will be for production) and a couple of air con units that are cast up, painted and attached to the buildings.

I've also started on a small office block (larger than the flats) and am currently drawing a more 'slick' office block. More on these in a week or so.

I've also made a very small start on a small truck that will also be available at some point in the near future.

I do have the slight intention of having a four foot display table at next years Salute with all the buildings tarted up and a fair few extra bits but this will be a wait and see thing.

Anyway, onto the few extra pictures...

The crab is from a Japanese gacha gacha (capsule toy machine) and it's on one of the new frontages that is more for a restaurant than a shop. The figure is a Copplestone Future Wars one I think.

This is the very wip of the truck. The cab, chassis and load out on the back will all be separate and I've got three load outs planned so far.

Here area couple of shots of the aircon units in position. They will be available separately in multipacks and look quite the part when in place.

And finally, the second flat type in place next to the original and the parking tower. I think I might change the height of the bottom floor to add a bit of variety.

That's it for now. I've got vending machines and shop interiors to think about next along with more aircon unit types and possible some more civilian vehicles.Hopefully the next time I post about this project the blocks will be complete :-)



Some boats...

I've had a hankering for some Japanese Sengoku naval warfare for a while now and with the master for the smaller fune complete and moulded, this is now imminent :-)

First off, I've completed two of the larger kits as the main backbone of the first fleet. The mon is for the Murakami clan who were well established in the Inland Sea.

The right hand sail has been sewn and I intend to do the same with the other.

Below are the pictures of the smaller fune master before it went into the mould, I find painting them helps keep the detail and can also pick out any major defects that would be a sod to sort out afterwards.

I'll probably do four or five of these for this fleet and the same again for the opponants (on whom I've yet to decide).

It'll have a slightly smaller mast, rudder and sail and all the sails on all the ships are removeable for ease of transport.

I've started limited work on scratch building an o-take bune which were the monsters of the fleets, three or four stories high with a castle on top. The model version is about 20" long at the moment.

I'm also working on some smaller craft that could be used for river raids and transporting cargo etc, probably about half the size of the small one above.