Monday, 2 April 2018

Salute 2018

Salute is nearly upon us again and I've been bust getting things ready (and hence the lack of posts).

OSHIRO modelterrain is trading again and the trade table number TL20, pretty much in the same place as last time. Unfortunately there's no game this year but I m planning several smaller participation games for next year... Watch this space.

We/I am accepting pre-orders for Salute as though we will be carrying stock it's always better to order before the day to avoid disappointment. Use the info email to the left and drop us a line.

I've been working on several new ranges and items for existing lines recently and photos of these are below. I'll also do a couple more posts in the next couple of weeks in the lead up to the big day.

First off we have the start of a new sci-fi range beginning with the Additions. I'll be moving onto vehicles, buildings and small craft in the coming months (a couple are already being developed).

Sci-fi range

Next up is a range of near future/contemporary additions which again, like the sci-fi range, will have vehicles and larger items and potentially buildings.

Urban Future range

And of course we have the Japanese releases. They are not up on the website yet but they will be later in the week.

First off is a blacksmiths for the village range, JV07 and it's £27.50

Next we have some rural temple buildings (for those that don't really need a whopping temple complex on the table). At the moment there is a gateway, reading room and handwash station. I am currently working on the temple proper and when it's ready there will be a set available that will include the gateway, two reading rooms, the temple, the handwash station and the temple offering that's already available. The gateway is £30, the reading room is £25 and the handwash station is £10. Not surre on the price for the temple and set as of yet.

And finally for this post there's a generic building that could either be used for a village or a yamashiro barracks. £15 for this one and again it'll be added to the website later in the week.

That's it for now, plenty more going on for Salute, more of which in a few days.


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