Sunday, 7 December 2014

10mm for a change

Got this little commission in a while ago of a Saxon church. Not the Dark age types but the region in Germany.

The inspiration from the client was from John Boadles site as he had already made one in 28mm, to fit on a base with a fence and a tree or two.

Quite a simple brief and yet quite an enjoyable model.

I actually made this one the 'traditional way, as in all hand cut from card.

The base was supplied and it was just a little work to translate the original 28mm model into the smaller scale and to fit nicely on the base.

The roof was also made from card and the tiles are from an old styrene sheet that I had to hand (I have since been able to find the same sheeting from EMA).

No more progress shots of this but the windows were lasered and the door was scratched from balsa wood. The fence was a bit of timber cut down very fine, I used timber because of it's strength and the size needed, balsa just wouldn't hack it unfortunately.

The trees were old etched ones from work that needed a bit of love before putting on. The groundwork was a fine mix of textured masonry paint and fine sand given the smaller scale but painted in the normal way with several different types of flock to break it up.

It was painted in Foundry colours to help give the richness of the original model. I'll leave you now with the finished photos. The figures are Pendraken 10mm Spaniards (the only 10mm I had for size) and a 28mm 18th century chappy tjust to show the scale difference.



  1. Splendid model Jim - am sure John Boadle will be flattered by your referencing his work.
    Cheers, simon

  2. Thank you Simon.

    I hope I can live up to John's standard one day :-)