Saturday, 17 January 2015

Down in Dorset - part the fourth

The buildings...

What is a game without some buildings to play around :-)

These are still a work in progress as we had enough stand in buildings for the game itself and other builds have taken a priority.

About of them will be simple cottages and hovels for the populace of Dorset to inhabit and the other half are to be more town like buildings and there will be one or two special buildings that will get their own separate posts.

The village buildings are mostly made from blue foam they are quite simple in construction

The thatch was also done in this way as I don't like teddy bear fur for more recent thatch (it's ok for dark ages at a push). It doesn't look too good in this photo but it does in real life.

I think the roof needs a few more colours on it but it'll do for now. I've got a few other structures for the village under way but they are at a less stage than the one above so I'll post about them when they are in a more complete condition.

The town buildings however are racing along and I'm really enjoying doing them.Google Earth street view has been my friend whilst doing this (that,and having a mate in Dorset who takes the occasional photo for me :-).

Just a few done for now but with more in the pipeline along with a harbour town square etc and a fair few key buildings thrown in.

These were the first two with the customs house on the left in the upper photo.They are basically lasered boxes with all te fiddly bits added on afterwards and then sprayed, weathered and finished off. The still need some door knobs though...

The first two are stuck together and I'll do the same with some of the others. There will be more angled buildings to allow for the twisty type of Dorset (and most small town) streets and these ones will be separate to allow for more modularity. Pavements will and have been added to the more important houses but aren't too wide.

Plenty more where these came from but the next post will be the customs house.



  1. Lovely work James. The hatch looks very effective I'll bear that method in mind.

  2. Wow, very nice looking buildings!

  3. Many thanks chaps :-)



  4. Wounderfull buildings ! Really like your work !

  5. Thanks, hopefully I'll get some more done soon :-)