Down in Dorset - part the fifth

The customs house!

What self respecting coastal town wouldn't have a customs house to gain as much revenue as possible from the 'honest' sailors, traders, fishermen and merchants...

The model for this is based mainly on the Poole customs house (which is now a cafe...) but simplified for the gaming table.

This is the real one (picture taken from google images). And yes, it's been suggested that I make the buildings surrounding it.

This is a finished picture of my version and although it's not the same it does look the part, I hope you'll agree.

It was lasered for the most part as shown below and once the main body was built I spent a bit of time attaching the architrave etc. The portico was mainly lasered with the two front columns being turn on a lathe to get the correct shape, a template was used for this to help get the both the same.

The wooden structure out the front is actually for a set of weighing scales for customs duty etc and is quite an interesting little addition.

The building was masked in several stages with the different colours being sprayed on. Once everything was dry the masking was removed and the weathering began. Plenty of inks and weathering powders were applied but I kept them subtle so as not to make it look over done.

I'll leave you with some shots of the finished building and hopefully you'll see it in a game soon :-)