Monday, 5 January 2015

Down in Dorset - part the second

As promised, here is the run down on the church and crypt.

For most of our games we tend to go for a 'Hollywood' style, specifically the older films. This being the case it was thought that a church on a small rise would be a good idea with a crypt underneath, for the horror games we might play in the future.

The basic layout for the crypt was drawn on the top of a board in pen and then a rough shape was built from blue foam on top of the normal board for the 'surrounding' walls of the crypt. These were stuck bit by bit from blocks of foam similar to the ones used in the Gondorian watchtower shown a few posts below. A set of steps was cut into the board for a passage that would lead from under the church...

A load of blue foam was then glued around this to form the hill and then I went at it with the extendible knife for a good hour or so to get the shape of the rocks.

I used a slashing motion in several directions lots of times to achieve the texture shown. A lot of bits fell off but that was the idea as it gave a rough, weathered texture and the more that came off the better it looked. I also went over it with my hands to rough it up some more and to make it look a little less 'clean'.

The crypt was given a clean edge for a plate that would cover it and allow other terrain items to be placed on top.

The whole thing was given an airbrushing of dark brown leading up to pale grey, this was done first as the goop colour wouldn't have to be repainted when applied.

I didn't need to do any drybrushing as light passes with the airbrush achieved the right look. In a few places some inks were applied to break the colour up.

Flocking was the same as the other boards, again with the addition of a few trees and bushes.

Below are a few shots of the game we played at BLAM 2014. There will be plenty more in the last post of this small series. The church is on loan from a friend but it's one I made for him and his Robin Hood project. The gravestones are bought items.

In the next instalment I'll go through the cliffs and how they were made.