Friday, 9 January 2015

Down in Dorset - part the third

The cliffs!

The main part of the build was to be a two foot by four foot section of cliffs that looked like the cliff from the Jurassic coast, a couple of pictures taken from Google images are below to show what the Jurassic coast looks like.

The basic shape was roughed out with lots of blue foam chunks following a brief discussion with Dobbie Nick regarding the layout. The white disc is a typical base size for some of my terrain.

The beach was a sheet of 5mm blue foam cut to the rough shape and placed on ribs to give it the slope needed with the edge being chamfered.

With the blue foam in place it was time to start hacking...

Te same way in which the church hill was made I went round the whole lot slashing away for about half a day until the rough effect of the Jurassic coast started to come through. We had decided on three caves in the cliffs that would to somewhere on the gaming board so these were done at the beginning.

With the carving complete it was time for the colouring in :-)

Same as before, a really dark brown, airbrushed on then built up through lighter shades until a light grey was achieved. The difference with the cliff was a two tone effect showing a period in history where there were higher sea levels. It was just a matter of keeping my hand level as spraying across the board, if there were any mistakes they were easily oversprayed again.

Also, the flocking was the same as before but the bushes were kept to a minimum on the windswept cliffs. There will be plenty of game pictures in the game post when I do it so please don't think that you won't be seeing more :-)



  1. Love these, very realistic, the Glamorgan Coast is very similar. Excellent work and multi period usage, got me thinking of the Eagle has landed type scenarios

  2. I am just consistently blown away by your work!

  3. My thanks for the kind words chaps :-)

    Buildings up next although they'll be wip.



  4. Just superb James. The realism is astounding.