Friday, 24 July 2015

A long time ago... Episode 1

My Episode 1 ;-)

I've been a fan of the original Star Wars trilogy for many, many years and I've always dabbled in it with wargaming but with the imminent release of what promises to be a film harking back to the original trilogy I thought it would be a good opportunity to do some gaming and modelling...

 The chosen figures are the Wizards of the Coast bendy plastics. Not the best figures to sort out but they have a good selection and with a quick ink wash and some highlights they are relatively easy to get ready for the table.

My initial idea is to have a selection of figures for each 'themed' table, and these will be desert, space (hanger bay decking etc) generic green and possibly snow (got to do something with the Snowtroopers).

I currently only have one Stormtrooper photographed half way decently as I'm in the middle of making my own light box (more on which in another post when it's complete) but we'll start with him and move onto the terrain and ships.

He was given a quick going over with a scalpel to try a remove the mould lines (a thankless task) and then washed with GW brown ink (can't remember the name) and then the white was picked out with normal white paint, built up in a couple of layers to get the right white.

I think I might lighten the base a bit though :-/

Obviously I'm starting off with Tatooine for the first set of figures and terrain, you have to keep these things in order ;-)

Next up is a moisture vaporator built from bits and bobs that I've been hoarding over the years (I started out making models of spaceships, both kit and scratchbuilt, the wargaming is a more recent addition to my hobby exploits).

Simple off white paint job with some suitable weathering and it's done.

I'll probably have to build a few of these but I went and started a building a small building which made it's way into a spares shop; Sooson's Spares to be exact. The name isn't from anything but it sounded suitably Star Wars esc.

10mm foamcore for the basic build on a base of hardboard. The texture is a mix of whatever I had to hand at the time and will possibly change from building to building as I run out of the original.

The 'spares' are just left over bits from the years that have finally found a use.

Painting was quite simple, I found a spray can that works well for a base coat and after a wash with GW chestnut ink (yet another stupid name I can't remember), a heavy drybrush of white and some choice weathering it seemed to fit the bill. I've only done the roof for now but it won't be long until the rest is done.

Next on the list for terrain was a landing pad. This will eventually get a building and walls to surround it but the opportunity was there to make it now, so I went for it. Again, a simple spray job and some heavy weathering using pastels, inks and sponged paint and it's done.

I've been using the same two figures for scale shots and they have now been named as Tag and Bink as a nod to one of the more tongue in cheek Star Wars comics. They will be appearing at regular intervals along the way.

I'll leave it there for now but the next post will have a couple of complete vehicles in it...

Stay tuned :-)