A long time ago... Episode 2

As promised, here are couple of vehicles that will see their way onto the Tatooine table.

First off is a 'speedster' They seem to be into their racing on Tatooine (all that space I suppose) and I'm assuming that it's not just pod racing that happens there. I've got plenty of ideas for more and maybe even the beginnings of some basic rules...

A very simple build mainly utilising parts from a 1:700 ship kit and the snap fit 'Anikins starfighter' from Revell. There are lots of other tiny bits used from all over the place but it' mainly tank, plane and ship kits.

I went for a blue colour scheme for this one, no particular reason, just fancied it at the time.

 Next up is a freighter because what is Star Wars without it's battered workhorses :-)

The rear end is from before I went to uni (mid to late 90's) and it's stood the test of time for this long. Finishing it wasn't a problem though as I had the perfect part for the cockpit; an upside down 1:12 scale toilet bowl...

It's styrene sheeting for the most part with some added kit parts for the details.

After applying lots of little details a quick paint job of mainly white with a few coloured panels, applying some GW brown ink and some very heavy weathering we were done and I must say I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.

And here it is complete on the landing pad with Tag and Bink having a shoot out at each other (and missing).

Stay tuned :-)