Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Some more Boxer Japanese

Got another three packs ready to go to the casters very soon. Firing line, casualties and naval armed with rifles. They've needed a bit of tweaking, hence why they weren't ready for Salute but they are done now. Of course heads and backpacks supplied as normal.

Once they are back I'll paint some display versions and post those :-)

Moving onto the Chinese next, woohoo!


Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Currently away but...

But back next week so to keep you going here are a few photos of  some of the VSF antics I get up to. I hope to have some more comprehensive posts regarding this but seeing as a lot of it was some time ago I'm not relishing the text part...

I'm posting this now due to the time difference but next week it'll be the usual early evening timing

First few pictures (and the last two) are from some games that have been played in the past, middle pictures are scratchbuilt neffs and buildings. The buildings use element from the Victorian range in the catalogue Here which is going to have a bit of an overhaul in the next few weeks.

On to the photos!


Sunday, 24 June 2018

15mm Peninsular buildings

Yet another 15mm commission out the door although there are a few extra buildings for the project (windmill and tower). Let's try it again with the pictures added lol

Basic construction all by hand as this helps to give a more ‘natural’ look rather than using laser cut profiles. Some small sections had thin filler applied over them to help with the natural look. Textured paint was applied over then the whole lot was painted. Thin goop was put on the bases and suitably coloured then the growies were stuck on (three different types). Some trees were added and hey presto :-)

I’ll post up the remaining buildings once they are complete.


Tuesday, 19 June 2018

15mm Japanese building bases

I've had some more of these building bases to do for a vary nice chap in France. I quite enjoy doing but sometimes I find it hard to think of new layouts lol

Not much difference between these and the ones I've done before so I'll just leave you with some pictures :-)


Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Defence of the ford

Got a small game in on my refurbished terrain boards (more on those later) in which the forces of Saruman are probing the defences of Rohan in preparation for an all out attack.

All is quiet in the Westfold and a small patrol of Rohirrim are checking the fords to make sure all is secure.

Unfortunately, this is not the case and some roving bands of warg riders are looking for a way further into the Westfold without being discovered.

Also, unbeknownst to the Rohirrim a small group of warg riders had already crossed the river and were trying to sneak up upon them.

The warg riders began to swarm across the river but were met by the charging knights of Rohan!

Alas! One group of Rohirrim have been caught between two bands of warg riders and it doesn't look good

The fighting at the first ford is bitter with neither group giving ground.

The group in the centre are eventually cut down to almost a man...

But the fervent defence of the standard bearer wins out and he sees off the warg riders.

With the wargs at the first ford cut down the remaining rohirrim come to the aid of their standard and chase the wargs across the river and see them off with some final marksmanship.

So, a victory for Rohan, but a costly one.

What evils is Saruman brewing away in the tower of Orthanc and will the stout men of Rohan be able to stop him...

The rules used were a fantasy mod of M&T which is still having a bit of work done to it. No magic was used but we have a provision for it. The only change for the next game is to swap the movements of the animals round making he wargs faster than the horses.