BLAM 2018 Cartel game

So, onto the second day and second game of the weekend. Film style drugs cartels.

Again, four players for this one; two cartel gangs, one D.E.A group and a small squad of marine corp. 

The head Luchadore (a cartel boss) needed to be stopped boarding his plane after sealing a deal that would make his gang the most powerful in Colombia. One of the cartel gans was there to kill him, another was there to save him, the marines were there to ‘delete the asset’ and the D.E.A needed him alive. 

The rules were a modified version of Fistful of Lead which is our ‘go to’ rules set and will be available on my website at the start of November. 

Four games were played and it ended up with one technical win for the marines, one outright win for the marines, and a win each for the two cartel gangs. The D.E.A had the use of a couple of four by fours but no one seemed to want to use them that much and just got out and started shooting. 

Again, no battle report as such but pictures in sequence. 



  1. Atmospheric and awesome terrain, what a pleasure to play on such a beautiful table!

  2. I used the SUVs to almost great effect. I had that game in the bag until the Marines showed up.

    1. You'll just have to try harder next time ;-)



  3. Lovely looking game and great cinematic photos!
    Best Iain