Oh dear, oh dear

Well, I left this for far too long I'm afraid and I apologise for it. It always seemed that there was something else to do and the desktop is really getting slow...

Anyway, I thought I would post some select photos from my recent trip to Japan. I've got over 200 from this trip alone but I won't bore you with them all ;-)

Not much else to say really so I'll let you enjoy them. Basic info below each one or group.


The tenshu of Kumamoto-jo
Corner tower and the long wall

Another view of the tenshu
One of the only roofs in Japan with a straight profile on a corner tower
Myself and a very nice chap who was quite willing to have a chat
Underneath the 'palace'. All reconstructed but impressive none the less
One of the gate towers on the east side
One of the main gate and wall sections leading inside
A superb long wall on the western side of the castle
And finally, a rather embarrassing 'dance' group...


  1. Great photos. I'm doing a Japanese castle at the moment (in 6mm) so some great inspiration there.

  2. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Great photos, Jim. Welcome back! Looking forward to seeing more.