Off to Japan

Not quite but I've got a samurai commission to show.

It took a little longer than I would've liked but it turned out well in the end :-)

This arrangement has proven quite popular for commission based works and this time the request was to have removable roofs. I used the original templates from the resin catalogue items but cut them out of slightly thicker material to allow for the impression of a decent wall thickness.

I unfortunately didn't really take any decent wip pictures but if look at some of my previous samurai posts you'll get a good idea of the general construction process.

The only slightly difficult part was making the upper roof on the merchants house due to the fact that the upper floor is just about on the same level as the eave line. A rib construction under the tiles allowing for the low floor solved the problem though.

An additions set (JA01) and a small tree were included to add that little bit extra of lived in detail. Below are a couple more shots along with some detail ones.



  1. Thanks again chaps :-)

    I've got another building base on the go which should be done by next week so watch this space.