Sunday, 12 June 2011

Finally some samurai

But only a couple of shots...

There should be some more later today whether I get them based or not. It's a command base for Hail Caesar even though I haven't got the rules yet, it's on order though :-)

The clan is Miyoshi carrying on from some of the first Perry samurai figures that I painted many years ago. The unfortunate thing being is that the Miyoshi clan got wiped out in the latter half of the 16th century... bit of a bugger when I'm interested in the late Sengoku period.

But never mind, I still like the clan mon and already having a good many units already painted I decided to carry on with them as a sort of 'what if' situation (albeit a tenuous one).

The shot to the left shows the rear of the group and the commanders Haori which I kept simple but I think it works well.

There is a constant colour theme in the group and even the retainers have the clan mon on their armour and jingasa which I don't normally do.

I have started to base up any new figures I do on 40x40's in preparation for Hail Caesar, the basing I have already will work fine but I like a change (if a small one).

As with pretty much all of my figures I don't paint the eyes anymore, I actually thinks it detracts from the feel of troops on the table. I understand and appreciate when people do it but it needs to be done well to work properly and I can't do that anymore :-/

The last shot is of my entire collection as it stood a couple of months ago, these are being used in a photoshoot at the moment so I have nothing to play with but I have enough bare lead to do the same amount again :-D (not that I get to play that often)

Admittedly the photo is a bit dark but you get an idea of the force composition. There are Sanada and Miyoshi clans there and also a small force of either Ikko Ikki or Wako depending on the senario.

Any, that's enough from me, I have figures to paint and scenery to make :-)



  1. The diorama is really good, that's a scary army you've got there. Looking forward to close-ip pictures.

  2. They're really nice! What is the size of the round base?


  3. Thanks chaps :-)

    The base is 2.5" which is a little over 63mm. The rest I'll be doing at 60mm as this base was left over from another project.