15mm Samurai terrain (for a change)

Recent commission on the go of some Japanese specific terrain, namely fields, orchards and paddy fields. There isn't a lot of English info about the type of mundane rural terrain and scenery in Japan but I've fortunately got plenty of Japanese books which have plenty of great illustrations of just the thing I'm after.

I've also done a small village layout as per my clients instructions. I've done these before and I quite like the way that they have turned out.

The paddy field was a bit of a no-brainer as you can still see them in rural Japan and they won't have changed much. The field of veggies took a bit longer to sort out by going down the route of looking into what sort of food was mainly consumed then and finding images on Google and then trying to find something that looked about right (being 15mm I'm willing to ease off on the button counting :-)

For the orchard I took pretty much the same route as the other two above, a mix of Google and Japanese books and in the end came up with young orange trees. They actually look a bit small but after seeing some images they fit the bill fine. I haven't stuck any oranges on them though, you'll have to take my word for it ;-)

I'm going to put another couple of layers of varnish on the paddy field but it's a last thing at night job because it stinks and I can put it in the attic to dry over night. The little shack was added because of an illustration from a wood block print that I found in a book and it seemed to be the right thing to do.

I've got plenty more of these to do but that's it for this weekend for the 15mm. Later I'll be doing more 28mm Japanese masters and some more on the AWI house (which has it's ground work stuck on and is primed).

If anyone is interested in this type of terrain in 15 or 28 (or even 6mm) then drop me a line at info@oshiromodelterrain.co.uk



  1. I like the veggie fields very much - from which book or site do you have the informations from?

    All the best,

  2. 90% of the books I have I've picked up in Japan and therefore have Japanese texts but the good thing about Japanese books is their illustrations knock English books for six.

    If at a complete loss, then Google images for a few hours does eventually yield some results.