28mm Samurai terrain :-D

Today, I have mostly been working on 28mm samurai terrain and masters. First off, I made a sketch model of what I want the 28mm white castle walls will look like both in general appearence and the frequency of shooting holes and the rear supports. I still need some working out to do so that they will fit together in a nice modular fashion.

I will also have to make corners (both internal and external) and of course a gateway but I'm happy with the way this has come out.

Keeping a balance between wargaming and reality is always problematic but I think this does the job well enough.

The wall is 100mm high and the the length is 200mm. Depth on the top is a plentiful  50mm and the depth at the base is about 95mm. These dimensions could change but not enough to make much difference.

I'm probably going to have three different top wall choices as looking through the books I have there are so many variations on a theme that it's almost impossible to make a catch all (well, I think so anyway. Once you start to research deeply into anything, even the smallest difference in things becomes apparent).

The idea being is that when the walls are ordered you choose which top to have and if the choice is unpainted all the bits get supplied and if painted then it's all assembled and sorted for you.

I only wish that the real thing would be as easy to make as the mock up :-) In fact, it's almost tempting to make a whole castle this way and colour it in and use that... But being the purist that I am, it's not going to happen.

The other main thing that I've been working on today is the yamashiro corners (as seen below). for the moment I'm only going to be casting the 60 degree corners, the 30 degree ones will be done at a later date after all the other main components are finished and cast up.

I've started on the gateway for the yamashiro but there's not enough really to show at the moment but when it's ready it'll be posted :-)

To complement the range I will be making the following,

A wall section with a small building attached
A large barracks (similar to the one already available)
A tenshu or keep, smallish but useable
30 degree internal and external corners
A well
A couple of small ancillary buildings
And if time and cost permit, a corner tower built into the wall.

Well, that's it for now, the walls will probably go into the mould this evening but I want to get on and finish the AWI house from the earlier posts :-)



  1. Woooah - no words left! Your list sounds so great and I can't find the words to tell you how I am looking forward to it! When you see the film Ran and then you see your stuff plus the list you just have to take out some Samurais and paint them and wait until your order from Oshiro arrives!! :)

    And the new wall sketch looks awesome, too. You just need everything from Oshiro ... o.O Blimey.

  2. Great! Good work with the walls of the castle!