Sunday, 24 September 2017

A bit of SP 2

Well, had our first game of SP 2 (Sharp Practice 2) the other day and although we had a good day, that was down to the company rather than the rules.

I'm not going to be too harsh, as it's a first outing, but there seemed an awful lot of 'stuff' to remember as the game went on. Apparently it's called 'friction' and that to me does not a smooth game make. I think the biggest thing in my mind was the fact the rules didn't know whether they wanted to be skirmish or larger scale, or cinematic or historical.

When I play skirmish games of this nature then it's pretty much a 1:1 figure scale but there were certain elements in the rules that seemed to suggest that a 1:20 game (or thereabouts) was being played.

Deployment points were interesting but a lot of faf for such little gain. The command cards were a good addition, specially when the tiffin card comes up and there were a lot of similarities between this version and the previous.

I also don't like 'lists' for games but that's just a personal preference, not specifically aimed at this particular rules set. I would like to play it without a list and just have some stats and see what happens.

As mentioned, this was a first outing and I' sure that when we play it again it'll run more smoothly  :-)

Here are a couple of pictures of the game, as we were playtesting for our group there's only a few but I'm sure that as we progress I'll get some decent battle reports.

Terrain was a mix of my own and another lads, figures from all our collections (albeit very small for me lol) and were primarily a mix of Front Rank, Warlord and Brigade Games.



  1. Looks like an interesting game. I have Sharps Practice 2 also. But just have not gotten around to playing. Current the favor of the moment is Pikeman's Lament with my group.

    1. Do give it a go certainly, there's a lot there to like, it'll just take me a while lol