Monday, 7 May 2018

Limehouse - The Figures Part One

So, for a game to work you need figures (an element I sometimes forget lol) but this time I've got enough for at least one side. One of my gaming friends has got a large collection of Victorian figures that we will be using until I get enough done with the right bases.

The main gang is from North Star figures and is the Brick Street Commune. I'll be using them as Bibblys Bashers that have come down from the north country to the big smoke to cause a ruckus :-)

And then we have some civvies to populate the board and to get in the way. Foundry figures for the most part but I'm not sure about the copper.

And finally we have some individual shots of figures for forthcoming gangs. Each of the figures below will eventually have a 'gang' of their own so I can field multiplayer games.

First off is Allan Bino in wolf form (can't remember where he's from).

Then we have Count Imgonar Tsukyablud from the far reaches of Eastern Europe (private sculpt)

And finally for now Jack Atlantic, veteran of the waves (North Star figure for LAF members)
More to follow as and when I get them done.