Continuing Japanese projects

Once again I apologise for the tardiness with my posting of late, I jujst seem to be far too busy to be able to post anything :-( But at there's one now :-)

I've got several Japanese projects on the go at the moment (and other period as well) and I'll put some pictures up below of some of these. The village boards are just about done, they need a few bushes, accoutrements and veggies to go on and they'll be done. The building base with the two story shop needs a small table out the front with wares on it and then that's complete. Some of the photos are typically out of focus but I'm a modelmaker not a photographer and I'll leave it to my wife to take the proper ones :-)

I hope to have another post during the week showing other projects but we'll have to see...



Oh dear, oh dear

Well, I left this for far too long I'm afraid and I apologise for it. It always seemed that there was something else to do and the desktop is really getting slow...

Anyway, I thought I would post some select photos from my recent trip to Japan. I've got over 200 from this trip alone but I won't bore you with them all ;-)

Not much else to say really so I'll let you enjoy them. Basic info below each one or group.


The tenshu of Kumamoto-jo
Corner tower and the long wall

Another view of the tenshu
One of the only roofs in Japan with a straight profile on a corner tower
Myself and a very nice chap who was quite willing to have a chat
Underneath the 'palace'. All reconstructed but impressive none the less
One of the gate towers on the east side
One of the main gate and wall sections leading inside
A superb long wall on the western side of the castle
And finally, a rather embarrassing 'dance' group...