Salute 2019 again

It's getting closer lol

As well as having our normal products plus new releases we'll also be stocking the new figure range from Highgate Miniatures. This is/will be a comprehensive range of Gothic Horror figures and the previews of the first four packs are below.

In the next few days I'll have some new OSHIRO releases to show here that'll be available on the day.

The prices per four figure pack will be as follows and each pack contains four resin cobblestone bases:

HIGH1 - Masters and Lords £16.00
HIGH2 - Professors and Academics £12.00
HIGH3 - Gentlemen Adventurers 1 £12.00
HIGH4 - Fledgling Vampires1 £12.00 (to be released in April after Salute)

These will be available in the OSHIRO webshop after Salute but if you's like to get some for pick up at Salute then drop me a message here or via the OSHIRO email info@oshiromodelterrain.co.uk



Some recent commission work

Evening all :-)

Been quite busy recently (which is no bad thing) so here's a selection of the work that's been done. I'll have some more Salute news next week.