Castle Blackwolf - Part the first

Well, this is going to be quite the model when it's done. I was asked to make a castle as a commission and for some bizarre reason I decided to make it from individual bricks...

Of course, the option to use styrene sheeting was available but to be honest I really don't like sorting out the corners, whether internal or external and bricks seemed to be the next best solution.

It started with a loose brief, something akin to a Scottish tower house but with an element of whimsy and fantasy thrown in to fit a certain base size. The castle of Eilean Donan was my first port of call and once the plan (shown below) was approved it was time to start building.

I had a plan but building up from that was done as the build went on, it seemed the easiest way to do things. For the vast majority of builds I have an idea in my minds-eye of what the finished thing will look like and for the most part this was no different. The only thing to be decided were the details as I came to them.

Starting from the bottom the main structure was bulked out starting with the 'plan' and then adding the upper sections later.

And just to prove these are individual bricks, here's the tub that gets added to continually...

They are cut from 10mm blue insulation foam and are approximately 2.5mm x 5mm x 10mm and are glued with wood glue

Below is the main body blocked out with 10mm blue foam, windows yet to be cut in when I decide where to put them.

Below are a selection of shots showing the different parts of the castle that are being built on, obviously more to follow at a later date but I won't be doing regular updates on this until it's ready to paint in the middle of next month.



Some more WWI trenches (picture heavy)

I've been sorting out through my pictures and found a few more of the trench commission for many years ago.

The first piece was for a blown out house with not much left that had been fortified a little bit. The walls were a lasered frame covered on both sides by thick card to represent the plaster, the card was made slightly bigger than the lasered piece to allow for individual bricks to be placed on top of the walls.

Following on from this are a few more pictures of more generic pieces.