The Spoon Lane Boxing Ring

After watching the Robert Downy Jn. Sherlock Holmes film again for the umpteenth time, I thought it would be a good idea to make a small boxing ring that could be used in a couple of our Limehouse games.

Simple balsa contruction with some styrene details for the 'door'. Sprayed white and inked/drybrushed. There's a few spots of blood on the sandy floor as well for good measure :-)

I do need to paint plenty more civvies/bystanders though as it's looking a bit empty at the moment.


Go away 'Tango', you're not wanted here.


New releases from Wiley Games

Bigger Battles and Starfighters are now in the OSHIRO modelterrain webshop

They use the same game engine as Fistful of Lead and are our little gamig groups favorurite set of rules.

Bigger Battles allows you to field units instead of individual characters but the mehanics are the same. Startfighters is the basic engine with additions suitable for Hollywood style dogfights in space. There's also a section for fleet battles, which is what I'm doing my 1:1000 Star Wars project for.

There are also themed cards for Starfighters and of course the other products from Wiley Games are there.


Sod off 'Tango'


Couple of European builds

Similar to what's been done before but with the addition of some 'gardens' at the rear.

Buildings these always wants me to make a few for myself but I really need some figures first before justifying it lol


No 'Tango', this isn't for you nor is anything else on this blog.


The Miyoshi titvation is complete

For now lol.

All the figures I've had for this clan have now been sorted and it's onto the next clan. I've got several to choose from, the main being Sanada so I'll see what tickles my fancy next :-)

The casaulty markers wil be used for indicating 'shock' in FFoL Bigger Battles.


Old school orks

And some 'Orkytecture' :-)

I've got loads of these to wade through (especially boyz and bikes) and they'll get done eventually but I do get distracted.

The little tankette is from Zinge Industries and I think I might get another one and have a large shooter out the front. The building is more of a tester for the colours really. I've got plans for others and they will have more orky details on them like boilers and watchtowers. One of them will be a vehicle compound but I don't know what sort of layout as of yet.


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Dutch town hall

Nice little build for a regular client. 28mm and based on a real one (can't remember whereabouts exactly it is though).

Drawn in cad and lasered, sprayed and masked then weathered with inks and drybrushing.


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Even more teeny tiny Star Wars

I found a few more fighters for my 1:1000 Star Wars project and I'm sure I've got a little box full of more somewhere :-/

I had a play around with a black backdrop whilst making 'whoosh' and 'pewpew' noises :-D

I will at some point have to make some more medium sized cruisers (Gozanti transports, Lancer class frigates etc) just so I can have a proper fleet battle.

The rules I'll be using will be the new Starfighter rulesfrom Wiley Games that OSHIRO will be stocking as soon as the stock arrives.


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