A journey to the Empire - The figures so far

Busy with finishing off some overdue commission work at the moment but I managed to compile the photos of the paltry amount of Empire figures I've completed so far. I took a ‘stock check’ of all the Empire figures I have and it’s around 400, plastics and metals....

First up is the Elector Count of Nordland; Jakob von Sternhiem
Then some generic troops and pistoliers (who have been converted to have fancy hats lol).
A fancy general/lord; Wilhelm von Darkmoor.
Young household knights.
A very small unit of great swords and then some artillery to finish off.

I've got some of the Perry Dogs of War being finished off and I'll post those when they are done.



The Japanese defence of Yinliuzhen

Had a little Boxer Rebellion game the other night using a modified version of Muskets and Tomahawks. It was a similar set up to the previous Boxer game I put on last year but with a few changes.

As this was a friendly game between the pair of us there was no need for the village to be in the middle so it was enlarged and placed on side of the table with the Japanese defending it (using the new OSHIRO barricades etc) and the Chinese coming on en masse from the other side of the table.

There was a main road leading to the village through the paddy fields which was covered by units of Japanese infantry in the centre with naval crew and civilian support on the periphery; the only way for the Chinese was a direct assault...

Here is the initial set up. The Boxers were still coming up although the Imperial Chinese were already in place at the bottom of the photo.

The Boxers eventually arrived and immediately started to charge the Japanese positions

Repulsed several times the continuous fire from the Imperials started to take their toll and the Japanese, although staying at their posts, started to waver.

A final charge form the remaining Boxers managed to wipe a unit of Japanese behind one of the courtyard house walls and they swarmed over.

The Chinese were in the village but the supporting units on the peripheries were coming up via the central road and the fate of the Chinese cut off in the courtyard seemed to be sealed...

All the buildings, walls, barricades and Japanese infantry are from the OSHIRO webshop here. The Boxers and Imperial Chinese are a mix of Foundry and Redoubt with the naval brigade figures from Copplestone Castings




Large Plancenoit build

This is one of the larger commissions I've been working on recently. It's around 400mm x 800mm and is of course 28mm :-)

These are just some quick photos as I don't have a decent sized setup for it yet but I've got the Grande Armie coming on loan later this week so I'll do a proper set up with a larger area and take plenty of decent photos. I'll probably even do a video. Hopefully decent photos ater next week :-)



Some more European builds

For a repeat client who likes to paint them for himself. 28mm of course and French but not much else to say apart from that lol



The Werewolf of Berrylands

Thirteenth century England, ancient terrors still roam the land. A vicious pack of werewolves is terrorising the lonely village of Berrylands deep in the Surrey hills.
Only the brave Sir Ronald De Barker and his retinue are prepared to face these terrifying creatures . Armed with a silver edged sword and silver bolts for his crossbowmen they venture into the village to vanquish the evil!
So begins a scenario for the Fistful of Lead Gothic Horror supplement; Tales of Horror. We were  also playtesting rules for Medieval combat hence the unusual period setting.

As usual with all our  FFoL games it was tremendous fun. Brave Sir Ronald riding his charger crashed into the Werewolf pack as it crossed the river. He managed to drive the Alpha Wolf back and then with two swings of his holy sword he decapitated two Werewolves!

His luck subsequently changed when he was dragged from his horse and was horribly ripped apart in front of his men.

The Alpha Male made several howls causing fear in the soldiers and due to a special trait called regenerate wounds the Werewolves were difficult to put down.
Sir Ronald’s retinue fought bravely but due to appalling dice rolling. Eight ones rolled, the rest of his men were dispatched in rapid succession by the rabid Wolven. Only the Sergeant at arms killed another Werewolf before being brought down by the Alpha Male.

Sir Ronald’s allies who had pledged support to this holy crusade cowered in fear on the other side of the village. Their leader Sir Loin de Boef  only ventured towards the fighting when the wolf pack numbered were greatly depleted....

The Tales of Horror rules are available HERE for the UK and European markets and direct from Wiley games in the US