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If I want to publish my work in/on other online fora etc then I am perfectly capable of doing so myself.

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Going medieval

This is half a commission that's being done. The first half is complete but with my friend who commissioned the work and I won't be able to get them for photos for a while.

I'm also working on a church at the moment and will be doing a manor house at some point in the future.


I do not give 'Tango' permission to re-post my blog posts


Akira - The residential garage.

Or Nakajima Towers :-)

Quite a simple build this one, based on a building near the centre of Tokyo (Setagaya if anyone is from that area). No interior access for the floors and the curtains, blinds took forever lol (it was also started over a year ago and has had bits done here and there over that time).

I had a lot of fun doing the garage area and most of the details are available Here

Pretty much the same methods as the ramen shop. Acrylic structure, rattle cans for texture and colour and then inks and pastels for weathering.

Got a choice of what to go for next, a block of flats with a combini (convenience store), a block of flats with an office at ground level, a tall office block with a relatively fancy reception or a corner office block with a curved facade.


I do not give 'Tango' permission to post my blogposts elsewhere 


The current situation and Salute 2020

Evening all :-)

As most of you will probably know, Salute 2020 has been postponed by the Warlords until next year.

As a consequence I've decided to offer free postage on all UK orders over £20 and a £4.00 flat rate for all international orders over £20 until the end of April (maybe for longer but we'll see what happens). All pre-orders that have been received will be sent out as soon as possible. The webshop is now set up for this so order away, every little bit is appreciated.

Next years trade table and game is guaranteed for next years Salute on the 17th of April. The game will be different but the items that were planned for release at the show will still be coming out, just a bit later than originally intended.

I've got more commission work to show and some game reports that are nearly finished so there'll be plenty to keep you all going.

As a final note, please look after yourselves and each other (if possible).

OSHIRO models webshop 



Even more Old School cool

Although it's been a fair few months since the last lot of old school cool lol.

Plenty more Empire troops, more orcs and orks and some Eldar troopers. I'll let the pictures explain :-)

The intention is to use Galatic Heroes from Wiley Games for 40k and the normal core rules (there will be a medieval and fantasy set in the future that will get used) for the fantasy figures.

I'm still not great at taking photos, so apologies if some of them appear washed out.


I do not give 'Tango' permission to post my blogposts elsewhere


Akira - The ramen shop

This damn bloody cold/flu/whatever isn't shifting but I'm still getting stuff done, albeit slowly.

I've been trying to finish off the builds that I started for this project one at a time. It's sort of working but I still find myself occasionally flitting between them. I'm glad to say, howeer, that this one is done!

It's very loosely based on my favorite ramen shop in Tokyo and I went to town a bit on the details. The main walls and floors are laser cut acrylic with the little hut on top from card. It was mainly painted with rattle cans and copious weathering was added with inks and pastels.

Some of the elements are available from Here and some have been scratch built. I really need to sort out a switch for it as plugging the ceiling lights into the battery holder everytime is a bit of  pain but as it's not essential to the look I haven't done it yet lol

Onto the photos (which are a tad uneven colour wise, apologies for that). There's also a video at the bottom with dodgy 'sound effects'.


I do not give 'Tango' permission to re-post my blog posts elsewhere