A couple more 15mm peninsular buildings

Well, that’s this batch complete. These are to go with the others I posted a short while back so it’ll be a nice little collection. Fortunately the client wants some 15mm medieval buildings as well so I’ll get started on those at some point soon.

Not much else to say really but I hope you enjoy them :-)



Some German/Austrian builds

Plenty more of these to go but this what I have completed at the moment. The client will be basing them himself on village boards and I hope to get some pictures of them when he has done so.

The photos haven't really been edited yet so they are a bit dark.



Tree trunk tutorial

Here's a quick tutorial on how I made/will make the trees for my Endor games. I'm not very good at doing tutorials so any questions just ask  :)

First off is getting a suitable base and tube. The base is hardboard and the tube is cardboard about 55mm in diameter. The tube is stuck on the base with wood glue and left to go off.

The 'roots' for the tree are cut from thick card and are then stuck around the base of the trunk.

Cafe napkins are then used to blend the roots into the tree and to add an unevenness to the trunk itself. They are stuck on with watered down wood glue (about 50/50 although that's not a definite, whatever works for brushing on easily wold suffice).

Once this has dried a gloop mixture is applied to the whole trunk. The gloop is a mix of ready mixed filler, wood glue, fine sand and paint (to help give it some colour). This gloop is what I use on the bases of my terrain.

Once the gloop is applied a fine toothpick is lightly dragged over the surface to create the bark texture. One thing I did learn was that in doing the whole 400mm length some areas were already drying and getting the bark texture wasn't easy. I think for the rest I'll probably do them half and half.

Once the bark had dried an the ground texture had been applied (same gloop, different texture) the whole lot was given a watered down wash of brown ink. It didn't really matter if the ink coat was even as that will help to make it look a little less static in colour. It was then drybrushed lightly in several shades of tan and reddy brown in various patches and areas.

The base was given a quick drybrush of a slightly greyer brown and the first type of flock was added. It's Japanese tea and smells rather nice  :)

The green flock was applied next and suitable plants were chosen to be added. They are tiny etched palm trees with the trunks removed. I've also added some etched creepers and a fallen log (a lavender bush I think).

Here are the two I've done so far insitu (my money is on the bloke in camouflage). I'll also be doing fallen trunks and general bases of denser undergrowth/trees etc.



Tournament Tenshu

No wips for this one as I had very little time to do it in. It’s a pseudo historical tenshu (castle keep) for a Malifaux tournament a few weeks ago. It’s based on a historical one but the proportions are out to give a slight fantastical feel.

There is precedence for a straight sloping roof instead of a curved one; on of the yagura (wall tower) in Kumamoto castle has them and I believe there are other examples also.

It will be coming back at some point soon to have a large stone base added and an interior done although the level of detail for the interior has yet to be decided (possibly painted screens but we’ll see).



A journey to the Empire - Building 3

And so the slog of refurbishment continues :-)

Quite a simple one this as most of it was already done, just the base, tower roof and details. I also touched in some of the tiles with different tones to get it looking like the others and less regular.

Below are a couple of shots before...

And here are the finished ones. I did have a bit of a brain fart with the tower but after a while it came to me and turned out fine.

And then we have a couple of shots of everything so far (only three but it's getting there lol).