A new project for 2015...

Which will be the Invasion of Japan!

After visiting Hakodate on Hokaido (the home of the five pointed 'Vauban' fort, Goryokaku) I've had a bubbling in the back of my mind to do some Edo period games, this has now developed into the idea of a full blown invasion of Japan by the British.

With the Perrys recent BIF releases and the ever (slowly) expanding range from Bac Ninh figures it would seem daft not to explore this rather interesting period in history.

Just so we are clear, the British never really invaded Japan with any great force, just a few minor actions here and there so why not expand this into something a little more exciting :-)

I only have a few figures painted and a nearly complete shop for it at the moment but I am drawing up the British consolate in Hakodate and have plans for steamships, part of Goryokaku and various other period specific terrain items.

Having plenty of Japanese terrain helps but something from the time is certainly in need of building (more on which later).

For now I'll leave you with some pictures of the figures that are painted so far and the wip of the shop