A journey to the Empire - Covered bridge

Just a quick post for this evening of a covered bridge and a 'dead' tree for my Empire project. The bridge is made to fit a river board but is removable as I have other bridges for different games that can fit there as well. The tree is a piece of dead lavender and scale quite nicely.

The bridge took a while to build using plenty of engineers square and jigs. The walls were made and painted separately before being stuck on as they are quite fragile. The roof and tower were stuck on after that and then painted.

The tree was given a coupe of drybrushes and stuck on a base which was treated the normal way.



A quick little church

Got a little church to do for David Imrie for his medieval collection. Still needs a base and I’ll be doing a graveyard (medieval version) to go along with it.

Rather enjoyed doing this one. The mains carcass is lasered acrylic clad in styrene sheet with micro strip additions.

It was base coated grey and various speckles were added in different colours. It was then given a brown ink wash and drybrushed a lighter grey than the base coat. Some suitable weathering was added to finish it off. The base was done in the normal way but with the additions of some grave slabs and a couple of bits of hedge that will ‘join’ onto the separate graveyard base; more on which later.



Greek temple under construction.

Got a rush job in from Andy Hobday (nice chap) for a Greek temple that was under construction.

Interesting little project and slightly different to a ‘normal’ wargames build as it’s supposed to be new.

Fairly simple build, blue foam for the most part with resin columns (made years ago but the mould has gone) and acrylic bases. Crafts paints for the colours and I thought a bit of red on the floor would be a nice detail.

One of the scaffold bases is clear so it can be placed in the temple or outside.

Dropping it off at Colours tomorrow but I'm sure it'll make an appearance around the show circuit soon.



What I have recently painted

Something a little different this time and hopefully a regular/irregular feature. Basically it’s what I’ve painted figure wise recently. I don’t get much time for my own stuff at the moment but I do try to squeeze it in here and there so below are a few shots of figures I’ve painted over the past month or two or three with a brief outline of the projects they are for but in no particular order.

An Eldar dreadnaught for an old school project which is mainly concentrating on orks and Imperial guard. The head now has a coat of gloss varnish on it but it's a sod to take decent photos of lol. No reason to have other little forces though :-)

Copplestone/EM4 figures for a small cartel project. I've gone for an eighties feel and hopefully the colours and t-shirt logos convey this. Everyone else in the project has gone for high tech moderns. I tend to get beaten a lot lol.

 Austrian officer from Victrix I think. Austrians were my first Napoleonic force years and years ago (15mm) so it sort of fits to do them again. I do need to buy quite a few more though lol.

Star Wars! It's actually a Pig Iron figure with a Crooked Dice head. I've got a fair few other Pig Iron figures to do and most, if not all need some head work doing. The troopers are the Wizards of the Coast bendy plastics.

These are my own range of Boxer Rebellion Japanese infantry but with Perry plastic pith helmet heads and they are for the Royal Interplanetary Society for my ever expanding Mars project.

These are the GW plastic knights that have had some bits swaps and I think the conversions work fine. The leader is based on the GW Green Knight model with an Elector Count rider who's had arms and a hat conversion.

And finally we have a single knight from Crusader Miniatures painted for a potential Robin Hood project. No idea about the heraldry, I made it up.



Aspern Essling building base three

Finished off the third building base for the Aspern Essling commission. Still got the church to do and possibly some other builds as well.

It’s historically accurate for the area and the previous two were more generic. An enjoyable build and I’m tempted to do some for myself as I’m slowly getting into buying 28mm Austrians lol

Fairly standard techniques for the most part but I’m pleased with the colours on the wooden barn and the hedges.