I've finally got a layout!

After much poncing and suggestive moving of buildings by my wife we've finally got the layout sorted for Saturday. Just two or three more things and we're in great shape :-)

And of course the figures, it wouldn't be a game without the figures but they are not coming out till the day (the are too bloody many).

I'll leave some piccies for now but will have a more concise post after the big day.



Even more Salute progress

Of a sort...

I've slightly changed the arrangement of the building bases to better fit the ever so slightly differing sizes of them.

Just one wall top to paint and put on along with the wooden supports at the rear and the water to paint and thats the boards complete. I've still got a few things to finish that will go on top. A simple base for the shrine to sit on and some more walls for the poncy houses.

I'll hopefully get a chance to take some decent photos on the day before the madding hordes decend but I'm sure (hoping) there will be plenty of photos on the net afterwards.


Salute progress

Just a quick post to say that the layout for the samurai game is pretty much sorted and the pictures are below.

The third main wall needs completing along with the land across from them. The three white patches are imprints of three building bases that I'm borrowing back from a good friend.

I'm hoping that there's enough time left to make it look finished ;-)


Salute releases

I've got a new range of Victorian character buildings due out at Salute and the first is a pump house.

Quite a large one but it has a removable roof and the chimney is unattached, there will also be a large door option so it can be used as a train shed or some such.

The kit comes unpainted but primed, flat packed with enough tile sheeting for the roof and separate windows. The price is £65 and it comes in at 225mm long, 120mm wide, 130mm high and the chimney is 270mm high.