Martian whimsy

I fancied making something a little more whimsical for Mars... Why not a bandstand and some gardens.

For the bandstand the roof was printed and most of the base and the railings were laser cut. Plastic stonework sheeting was used for the base sides and the steps were cut from xps foam (I think, the brand name is Foamex).

The columns were brass tube with four pieces each. I won't be doing that again as I went through 16 scalpel blades lol. The handrail on the railings was just some half round microstrip.

Painting was fairly simple as I kept most of the parts removable. 


The gardens were mainly lasercut (including the topiary hedges which then had growies stuck on them). The plants inside the glasshouses are just various bits and bobs I've had knocking around and the plant pots are available from here 

Painting was kept in the same vein as the rest of my Mars terrain and I'll need to do some high walls to surround it. I've also got a colonial style mansion that's in need of some love to go with it.



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Swiss church

 Enjoyable build this one. Had some good period info but there was enough to extrapolate from for the parts that were unsure.


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German farm

 Another European commission done, a German farm based on a 10mm version I did a while back. 28mm of course and on it's way to Australia in a day or two :-)


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Another semaphore tower

 But quite different from the last one.

Went for a walk down on Chatley Heath the other week and there's a wonderful semaphore tower from the early 19th century. Not much use in normal games but I thought it would be perfect for Mars. There is a telegraph system on Mars but with Sky Martian raids destroying the lines and the engineers hard pressed to keep up it's a good opportunity to have something with a more reliable form of communication.

We can also use it for our (eventual) games of England Invaded/Battle of Dorking when it gets off the ground. One of the reasons why it hasn't been based (keeping my options open).





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New OSHIRO releases

 Got a small range of sci-fi buildings finished off recently and they're now in the webshop.

Two 'adobe' style buildings, two refinery type structures and two walls that can join the buildings together. More walls and the separate elements of the storage tanks available separately as soon as I get the photos done.

I've painted them grey to show that they can be used for other places other than deserts :-D


Available here



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Medieval church

Nice little 28mm commission done and dusted for a good friend. Won't see the table top for a while which is a shame (means it's taking up shelf space lol) but we'll get to have a game, or even several, with it at some point.

Interior furniture and the stained glass weren't required but it could be added at a later date if necessary :-)


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The Spoon Lane Boxing Ring

After watching the Robert Downy Jn. Sherlock Holmes film again for the umpteenth time, I thought it would be a good idea to make a small boxing ring that could be used in a couple of our Limehouse games.

Simple balsa contruction with some styrene details for the 'door'. Sprayed white and inked/drybrushed. There's a few spots of blood on the sandy floor as well for good measure :-)

I do need to paint plenty more civvies/bystanders though as it's looking a bit empty at the moment.


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