Additions vignettes

Some of you might have seen these on the LAF but I'm putting them here as well.

They are basically small vignettes with a selection of the additions from my catalogue.

The first one is JA03 and JA09, the cannon and palisades.

And the second utilises JA01, JA05 and JA07 which is the lantern set, the small boats and the luggage set.

I've got the graves on one as well and I'll get some pictures of that later this week :-)





Firstly a quick note to say OSHIRO modelterrain is back open and I would like to say thank you to all those who passed on their goodwill messages :-)

Secondly, it was Salute last week (for those who didn't know) and I've posted some pictures from my samurai display table. This year I actually won the Best Trader Game award of which I am immensely  pleased :-)

Thirdly, I'll have plenty of new posts in the coming months of new and older projects but for now, here are a selection of Salute pictures.