10mm German barn

This was a lovely little build to do.

I was supplied the base (120mm square) and asked to make a typical German barn of the Napoleonic era. I think I've got it right...

No work in progress shots but the main body was built from brick styrene sheeting and the roof as tile sheeting. The wood work was strip styrene, cut to shape and stuck on, quite the labour of love...

Unfortunately I've misplaced my 10mm figures so there is a 28mm figure for scale.



Time does fly...

When you forget to blog...

To make up for it (I hope), I'll post you some pictures of this years Salute game, The Adventures of Paul Darke; a tale of smuggling and derring doo in Darkest Dorset.

When I have a bit more time (this bank holiday weekend) I'll write up some more detailed posts of what went where and how etc.

I'm afraid quite a few of these aren't mine as I didn't have time to take many (looking after the trade stall and all that) but my thanks to those who did take them and many apologies for not being able to credit those responsible.