In the Peninsular

Off to the Peninsular again but this time in 15mm.

Got a few buildings to do in this scale and the first was a simple church, the rest to follow as and when they are done.

I was given a few reference photos and have plenty in my own collection but the brief was fairly loose. The walls were lasered from 2mm acrylic an the pantiles were small scale plastic sheeting. The details were made from microstrip along with the doors. A gentle texture was applied to the walls then the whole lot was painted.

The base was textured with gloop, painted and then some choice growies were applied.

You'll have to forgive the choice in figures for scale as I don't have any 15mm Peninsular figures lol



And we're back...

Had a short break from posting as I (and my wife and a couple of friends) went on a little trip to Paris to watch the Japan v France game for this years rugby internationals. Suffice to say it was a fantastic game ending in a draw. I won't go on as I'll bore you but the weekend was an absolute corker :-)

Anyway, back to wargaming!

I've got potentially large terrain commission in the pipe line and a sample of a small hill was required. One of the main things was that it was to be a cross between realism and gaming and so I got to work.

A roundish base with a chamfered edge was cut out and some plaster 'rocks' were added to the leading edge. The rear was filled with hig density foam and carved back to allow for a decent slope that figures can stand on.

The 'rear' was filled in with household ready mixed filler and then my normal gloop mix was applied. The whole lot was painted brown, inked and drybrushed then various flocks and grasses were applied in a pleasing manner. Other, slightly larger growies were placed around the rock edge  and the whole lot was given a coat of spray varnish.

It seems suitable for different scales as well and hopefully the terrain commission will be a go in the New Year.



Yet another Chinese building base!

This is my third building base for China and probably my favorite (so far).

The look is of a rich merchants 'summer house'. The moon door is soon to be in the catalogue but I thought it would be nice to utilise it in a build. The garden is supposed to be more upper class than the others but some of the details might be a bit anachronistic as there's not a lot of info available (that I could find in the limited time I spent researching) .

The house uses the roof of CR02 and foam core walls with some lasered window shutters, microstrip detailing and a wooden door. The lanterns are just wooden beads painted accordingly. The small side building is soon to be in the catalogue as well.

The white grass in the garden is supposed to represent 'silver grass', a native grass type in east Asia. I don't think I've got it quite right and at some point I'll give it another go. I'd like, at some point, to make a large walled garden (maybe part of the summer palace that was in Peking) but we'l see.

On to the pictures :-)




Or words to that effect...

Just a quick post today of a Wild West water tower I was asked to make. It's pretty much all balsa wood apart from the water and the base. Hopefully the wip shots will go someway to explain the construction method rather than my ramblings.

There's still the ladder and water pipe to go but they can wait for a while until it is needed in a few weeks.



Some more 15mm Japanese building bases

Got some more of these to do and I've upped the details a little from the last lot I did. There's a few log piles, a gateway and a well. I am also looking into doing a 15mm accessories set or two for the catalogue but that won't be for a while yet.

Fairly standard treatment for the groundwork and growies but with the addition of some tufts here and there to help break up the monotony.

Couple of wip shots first and then onto the finished ones.

The figures are Peter Pig and are based on 25mm squares.