Fortified Manor House - Part 3

So, with the main halls done it’s onto the other buildings and curtain walls. A timber gatehouse was requested along the line of Stokesay castle but simplified. There’s also a shed/stables embedded in the curtain wall.

Normal groundwork, a few barrels etc in the courtyard and it's good to go :-)



Some more Boxer Japanese

Got another three packs ready to go to the casters very soon. Firing line, casualties and naval armed with rifles. They've needed a bit of tweaking, hence why they weren't ready for Salute but they are done now. Of course heads and backpacks supplied as normal.

Once they are back I'll paint some display versions and post those :-)

Moving onto the Chinese next, woohoo!



Currently away but...

But back next week so to keep you going here are a few photos of  some of the VSF antics I get up to. I hope to have some more comprehensive posts regarding this but seeing as a lot of it was some time ago I'm not relishing the text part...

I'm posting this now due to the time difference but next week it'll be the usual early evening timing

First few pictures (and the last two) are from some games that have been played in the past, middle pictures are scratchbuilt neffs and buildings. The buildings use element from the Victorian range in the catalogue Here which is going to have a bit of an overhaul in the next few weeks.

On to the photos!