Mare Solum

There's a little group on Facebook that I frequent occasionally called Mare Solum and it's basically a Necromunda group but set on the water world of Mare Solum.

It sparked my interest and I've done a few things for it (which are shown below). I don't get much time for my own stuff unfortunately but I do enjoy it when I get the opportunity.

First off is a simple figure using the new GW genestealer sprues. I've left off the iconography as I'm trying to go for a normal human worker look. I've only done one for now but I'll get on with some more soon enough.

Then there's a bit of a transport. The gang I have in mind are algae farmers and they string massive cables between outposts for the algae to grow on and around and it's harvested throughout the year. First vehicle is just a simple dinghy with a few guns on (it's Necromunda, of course there are going to be guns lol). I'm not sure about the paint scheme but I'm not redoing it lol.

The next vehicle was originally intended to be an Imperial Guard patrol boat (which I started years and years ago) but I thought it would be more fitting with this after a bit of weathering etc.

Then there is the start of one of the outposts. Not sure what it's actually supposed to be but it looks coo enough :-) I'll be going for a Foss style colour scheme on tis and the rest of the builds (if I ever get round to doing them). Since making this I've come up with the idea to make it float just above the surface of the water and hopefully in a few weeks I'll have something to show. It was originally going to have loads of floats around it which have been done. I'll keep them for something else at a later date.

And finally I've got some floaty boats. Inspired mainly by Ralph McQue and other images of the same nature these are a bit more cobbled together and serve as haulers and transports. I'll be making some guns on separate plinths so they can be armed if necessary.



WWI buildings (picture heavy)

These took a little longer than I wanted but they're done now and I'm quite pleased with how they've turned out.

The floors are removable and there's just some simple card in there ( no furniture or anything).

They are based on variations of the Victorian terraces available in the OSHIRO webshop here



Some new OSHIRO releases

There are some new releases in the OSHIROmodelterrain webshop :-)

A new Victorian additions range, some more bits for the Urban Future range and a few items for the 15mm Japanese range (links below).

Victorian Additions

Urban Future

Japanese 15mm religious



The farm at Quatre Bras (picture heavy)

Nice little commission finished off for a chap in Canada. The footprint has been reduced a bit and some of the details are probably not right but contemporary info is conflicted with itself. I think it'll do though :-)